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Here is my first stab at poetry.....enjoy.

Subliminal Lucidity

It's a long road. One i've been down before
Thought i could ignore it, guess I want more
Both scorned in the past, yet we still wander
Have no direction, who we trust we ponder
Love and sincerity are all I have to give
Only when i exercise these; do I feel I actually live
Why is it so hard to find that tried, that true
It eats my heart through like acid, knowing that person might be you
Yet I continue down this road, just waiting for the fork of a lifetime.....

Perilous Insomnia

These nights turn into weeks
These weeks become years
What is it night after night that i search for ?
What is it that renders me awake through the AM ?
The hands of time distort my mind
Reflecting upon the earlier days....
wondering what went wrong
Decrepit Love has turned this loving soul hard. Petrified.
Solitude is my best friend
Solitude is my worst enemy
Why can't i look beyond myself for answers to this world?
One day at a time do i turn what used to be anger into patience &
knowledge, as i believe now, and only now that i finally see the big picture....
I no longer look to the rain for cleanliness.
The clouds are finally starting to's been a long time coming
These shadows that once followed me and my sinister pursuits fade to grey
I now live a righteous life. No need to look over my shoulders...
There's nothing there....
Nor has there ever been anything there other than my fear of letting go

Now there is nothing to hold on to...
Perhaps this is what i've been searching for?

Terminal Times

You and I together through our young times...
Is there a time of day?
Life is passing a mile a minute...
Why do our ties continue to fray?
Ever since i heard the word i haven't been the same since.
I cannot sleep right, eat right, see the light of day.
We were both dealt bad cards from the start...
Is this just an everlasting phaze?
I'm out of idea's on what to do...
Do we sit there and watch you die everyday?
Maybe you will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel
And live to see one last day