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STI Wrx Serious STI Wagon!
STI Wrx STI Wagon Side, notice the clear reflector lights...
STI Wrx Serious Brakes 6-pot!!
Subaru Display Hmmm nice cars and nice girls....
STI Wrx Nice metal surrounds...
Regular WRX This is the american version or so we think.
Regular WRX STI version engine on dispay!
Regular WRX STI version engine on dispay!
Regular WRX STI version gearbox...
Regular WRX STI new Exhaust system.
Regular WRX STI version engine on dispay!
WRC Car! WRC car! Very Nice.
WRC Rear WRC rear, strange exhaust, square?
WRC Wheel What i would do for these wheels and brakes.... uhh what i would do.
WRX Cutaway American Version Cutaway.
Eifel Interior Eifel's version of the new Wrx interior
Wagon! American Version Wagon, even though steering is on wrong side, exterior is same as US.
Veilside! Old Veilside Version... ummmm i don't like this too much.
WRC Rear New Style Wing..
B4 Legacy Blitzgen B4 Legacy
Blitzgen Legacy Owners get all the perks, look at that girl... ummm
Blitzgen Strange Wing?
Syms b4 Syms B4
Forester Sticker Sticker for a Forester, umm anyone know Japanese?
Wagon Sticker STI Wagon Sticker! Currently just under $26,000.
Wagon Sticker STI WRX Sticker! Currently about $26,673.
NB Sticker STI Impreza non turbo i believe! Currently about $21,493.